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Alfonso Adriasola (Alfonso) wrote:
sorry for the dumb question.. but i've been wondering if I got this wrong?

torifune kiai - where do you inhale, where do you exhale?

Actually, this is a very good question that you have asked. The answer is very long, but basically, you have to learn the best way, as these exercises are about "learning" (teaching yourself) how (and when) to breathe. You can start off by taking a breath in, and with each forward and backward motion let a bit of your breath come out as you make the kiai. Then when you are towards the end of exhaling the full breath, you can take another breath in. This is only one method of training, and there are several others that should also be investigated during the first two movements. Although there is a conscious intent to control your breath, the actual end result should be very natural way, as if you are singing two long lines in a song - first breath in, sing one line, then breathe in again and sing the next line.

The Teacher is the one who guides the students in this method. As the students improve, the exercise is extended to allow the student to keep reaching for a new goal.

As for the third round of tori-fune, it is all about breathing completely all of the way out, and expelling every last bit of breath your body can stand to push out. Please be very careful with this training method.

Keep up the training, and come back with any more questions - that is the real purpose of the gyo.

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