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By the way... there is this japanese movie called Aiki. i watched it last month on my to Japan.

Its about this boy who was doing boxing, and who also had this destructive tendency. One day he met with an accident that crippled him waist down.

So after that he went through the usual... getting drunk, getting into fights, alienating his girl...etc. So after being kicked in the ass... he tried to enroll in some arts but many dojo turned him away cause of his condition. Until one fine day, he saw a martial arts demo. And guess what... it was an Aikijitsu demo.

After learning aikijitsu for awhile, he started to get back his life. And again another demo was put up, this time in front of a foreign diplomat. After the demo, some bad ass karate guys raised some ruckus that aikijitsu was fake. (don't you always get this with aikido? heh). And so this boy took the master on...with his wheelchair even, and of course he won.

Anyway... that was an aikijitsu movie which was quite entertaining and didn't focus too much on the art or its historical roots. It needed to touch base with potential audiences and this time, it was through the handicap issue and boy meets world kinda thing.

If you want to do something historical... my guess is, it would be pretty boring unless you spruce it up. Unless of course you're doing it for discovery or something. but in the movies... its gotta be about action, comedy or a tear jerker.

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