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Gerardo A Torres
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* People who are late for Saturday/Sunday morning classes… what possible excuse can they have?

Speireag wrote:

I don't know if you have ever worked shift work, nights and weekends. I do. Although it's rare that it interferes with getting to Saturday morning class on time, sometimes it
You're right, It was wrong of me to generalize like that. I guess I was thinking of specific examples when I wrote that.


See if you can join the class and get up to speed with the courtesy, awareness and economy of motion which you strive for as you practice. Because of my recent situation where I must choose between arriving late or not practicing, I have had the opportunity to study how to blend in this way, and I have found it a worthwhile study.
I agree it is a worthwhile study. Some dojo rules are not written on stone, but ought to be perceived and adopted by students as part of their overall learning process.

I also like to work on improving the way I blend in the dojo. Like for example, if I arrive when the basic class is in progress, and I want to warm-up before the general class, I quietly go to the dressing room and do my stretches there instead of doing them right next to the mat area. Some people think is weird, but that's my own personal way of supporting a proper environment for the basics class.
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