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Kev Price (Creature_of_the_id) wrote:
has anyone else out there tried the lighter weight gi's from bujin?

I found them fairly expensive and mine didn't last very long. (ripped apart)

Did anyone buy one of the heavier ones? how did it work out?
I've been using a heavy Bujin gi for some time now; I include it in the rotation with my judo gi(s).

It seems to be extremely durable, having outlasted others. It is quite stiff initially--for the first month, it felt like I was wearing a cardboard box. (Bujin warns you about this.) After break-in, it is quite comfortable, and the fit is much better than most other gi I have tried. Very good for suwari-waza.

I don't wear it as much during the summer. Our dojo is on the top floor of an old factory, and things tend to get a wee bit close up there during the warm months.

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