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Richard Harnack
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Over the years I have taught classes for children, primarily because that was the model I saw with Kobayashi, Sensei. This past year I have let the children's classes "die on the vine" as it were. My reasons are that I have become incredibly busy with the adult classes, teaching once a week at a local college (no, not Aikido, Chinese & Japanese history & culture), plus trying to run a store and have time to be at home.

I have had persons who helped me in the past, but as they advanced their lives also became more full. I would like to start our children's program up again, but am somewhat hesitant to do so.

My main problem stems from time constraints. Most children programs I have run have usually are 5:30 - 6:25 pm Monday - Thursday.

Is there anyone else out there with background in Aikido for children (ages 6 - 11, at 11 & 12 I begin to move them into the adult training because of size)?

Also, how do you address rank issues especially for the smaller children. In Seidokan we have extra "belt levels" with 2 sub-divisions. Our requirements are stated, but the implementation is left up to the individual instructor.

By the way, this about the first year away from children's classes for me in 20 years, so it is not as if I haven't tried things. However, I am an increasingly faster aging old dog and need to be shown the new tricks on occasion more than once.


Yours In Aiki,
Richard Harnack
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