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actualy, what it comes down to is what is important to you really.

Unless the person who is coming in late is coming in making noise, it's not much of a distraction at all. Unless your dojo is set up differently than ours, a late student has to wait to be admitted to class, they can't just walk out and cut in like they were at a dance. It really shouldn't make any difference if someone new is added into the group of students after class is started as long as you dont make a big deal of it when adding them in. Just adds one more body.
Ok so they dont get as much benifit as the rest, but they get some. Are you only willing to teach those that hang on your every word? or are you willing to teach anyone that wishes to learn in whatever capacity they have to learn with, even if that capacity is much more limited than you like?

After all...their being late didn't prevent you from starting class
It didn't make you late ending class
It didn't make anyone else have to wait for instruction
It didn't make you change your instruction for the day
It didn't make you do anything any differntly than you would have if they were on time
And it's not going to make you miss your dinner date.

Even if they are late every single time.
Even if they never show up for more than the last 15 minutes of any class ever.

and maybe they missed out on some of you lecture...that's a: their loss and b: you'll most likely say the same things again at some point in the future.
You're not responsible to make them learn, just responsible to give them the opportunity if they wish to take it and if they dont wish to take all you wish to give, that's no bad reflection on you...unless you take it personal.

(and being late to class is not quite the same as being late to work unless the peson who is late is teaching the class. No one's depending on the student to be there like they do an employee or a teacher).

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