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Ron Tisdale wrote:
Excellent post Ledyard Sensei! Very well stated. The only thing I would add is that it should be clear that the ikkajo syllabus does not just represent variations of ikkyo, but actually different techniques (ex: shihonage). 'Course, some say its all ikkyo...

This is an area in which I would be quite unclear in that Saotome Sensei is inclined to either not call a technique anything and just do it or he will demonstrate and then just say it is an ikkyo variation or nikkyo variation. Having trained with other teachers I would come to find out that they either considered it a separate technique or a variation of a different technique than the one Sensei had mentioned. This always turned out to be educational because I would then go back and try to figure out why Sensei had grouped them in his mind the way he did.

The students in my own dojo have benefited from having access to both ways of training. My assistant chief instructor, Kevin Lam, is a student of Imaizumi Sensei. Imaizumi sensei is easily one of the most organized teachers I have ever met. Kevin has huge notebooks full of techniques and their variations all laid out in lovely progressive form... Every technique has a precise Japanese name... So my students get what I hope is the best of both approaches. Certainly most of them know the names of what I am teaching better than I do, thanks to Kevin's efforts.

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