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I was talking to a friend after class about this idea. Segal, if he wasn't part of the movie could produce it and consult or something... but being who he is would have the conections to pull this off.

Anyways, this wouldn't be a biography of O'Sensei nor would it be a documentary. Just do a story, a good movie version, telling the story of Aikido, its origins and creation, development, etc. Or just tell the story of O'Sensei but in a movie way, not documentary way. Make it entertaining as well as imformative... something people would go see and not nessecarily something for training, but just to get history and background.

I'm babbling, but I really think there is a story here to be told that would best tranlate in film and NOT book form. Its all fine and good to read about O'Sensei training the Japanese Police force but to see him doing it would be cool!

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