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Bryan Benson (Thor&#039s Hammer) wrote:

To an inorant newbie, could you explain briefly what 'Kotodama' refers to? And what you mean by the fifth, impossible? Does this mean that it is too hard to accomplish, or does it mean that the effect produced is seemingly impossible?
Bryan - good questions. Although, impossible to cover anything meaningful on the subject, I will "try" to be brief, as anything else would unfortunately do more harm than good.

Here are some basic translations via one of the on-line services:

Please bare in mind that what I write is extremely abbreviated and may not jibe with what is out there in terms of anything that would describe a more mystical approach to this subject matter. In fact, I can say with assuredness that it will contradict much of what I have "read" on the subject from the more "public" sources.

With that "disclaimer" in mind...

kotodama (n) soul or power of language

Kotodama Depending on the resource, it may also be called kototama, and has some teachings with regards to koto-tamashii, as well. :

"Koto" - as in "kotoba"

kotoba (n) word(s); language; speech; (P)

koto (n) thing; matter; fact; circumstances; business; reason; experience.
bold items are relevant

kotou (n) solitary island; (P)

kotou (n) solitary light

dama (n,n-suf) ball; sphere; coin

tamashii (n) soul; spirit; (P)

tama (n) globe; sphere; ball; (P)

tama (n) soul; spirit

tama (n) bullet; shot; shell; (P)

When you do the math, you come up with various compound terms based on several levels of etymological dissection - some not necessarily approved by the more "academic" approaches. However, as a "gyo" or practice, we are taking a direct "practical" approach, so academics must stand aside.

As for level 5; "Impossible" refers only to one "observing" it, as what is visible is only a reverberation of the thing, a reflection, quite removed from and much less than the original, and therefore one, not being of the two practitioners would have no real concept of what is occurring.

I hope that this helps, but as usually the case is with this study, there really is no beginner level to kotodama -- training more closely resembles walking towards the edge of a sheer rock face -- as you approach it, you really can't see much, and by the time you can, you are already falling into what you seek.

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