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Charles Hill wrote:

Could you write more about your points 4 and 5? Also could you write about the source of your information on Kotodama?

...I could write several volumes on each of point. However, if you have a specific question, please feel free to write me privately via the e-mail address on my website.

As for kotodama, my information comes from 11 years inquiring into this subject with Seiseki Abe Sensei and via the experiences I have acquired sincerely delving into this teaching on several overlapping plains. I want to delineate this from any (mystical) teachings that may be out there, because there is nothing mystical about the science of kotodama. Mysticism comes from the perpetuation of the misunderstood by those who misunderstand - or never had any first-hand knowledge in the first place.

On my last pass through Japan, I was lucky enough to examine a book written around the turn of the 19-20th century. Basically, it is a guidebook into Kotodama-no-Gyo (the practices of kotodama). However, my understanding is that it is written in Yamato-no-kotoba, which, would first need to be translated into Japanese - a task not many people around can accomplish.

Although there may only be one copy of this book on the planet - it is hand scribed on beautiful rice paper and bound in a very traditional manner - my goal is to eventually have this translated into English. However, this may never be realized, as it really doesn't translate, cross-culturally. Heck - it may not even translate into Japanese...

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