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I am sorry I have not read most of the other posts yet so if that is rude or I am repeating what anyone else said I apologize. I have always been curious about what I would really do in a physical conflict now that I have practiced and learned what I have. I really am not sure. I do know what my personal views on violence are right now though. I feel that if I know that I can control uke without hurting them, myself or others I will. But if I feel that I got a pin or anything else by luck and I let them go I or someone else will be hurt then I will do whatever is necessary to not let that happen. My sensei has said "Sometimes you have to break an arm to save a life." I agree with this statement, but only when it is necessary to do so. I practice a "soft" style of aikido but I enjoy the harder practice sometimes and want to learn it. I like learning it because then I know that if I need it I can always step it up to meet the situation.
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