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Yes, there are some waza in Yoshinkan Aikido where a strike is the final part of the movement. There are also many waza where atemi is taught as part of the technique. There are set patterns and rules governing when/where/how to use atemi in Yoshinkan Aikido, in terms of the basic shite waza, it is not an optional thing.

For instance in shihonage the movement is finished with a strike. The reason being, as Greg Jennings brought up earlier, is that the movement is based upon finishing uke. One would take uke to the ground then have a broad deliberate strike to the uke with the free hand, drawing a block from uke. Then next movement would then be to trap both hands together with shite's striking hand, letting go of the shihonage grip, drawing a tanto, and stabbing uke in the kidneys moving on to the next opponent, etc.

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