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In regards to violence on the mat, completely unacceptable. Causing deliberate harm to your uke is irresponsible. It is your responsiblity as Nage to protect you uke through out the technique. There is no grey area, plain black and white. There is a high level of trust in Aikido practice, of which responsibilty to your uke is paramount. Anyone who trains in such a manner is a liability to the dojo and shouldnt be taught in Budo of any manner.

Though I feel training to be effective is what you should aim for. I wouldnt label making someone tap out as being violent, it is the result of an effective,efficent technique. Uke's tap is a register/gauge of the effectiveness of technique. Tapping out quick or slow helps Nage develope a feel for the proper amount effectiveness that need be applied. In my own personal practice, I always use a slow deliberate stretch during application of pin/ joint lock. This way uke can foster some resiliency and broaden their abilty to control their pain threshold through stetching.

Training is about trust, betray that trust and you are nothing more than a shallow person

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