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Re: What is your limit for violence?

Jeff Tibbetts wrote:
So the question is this: Where is your line for violence? How far do you take your practice? Are your techniques to cripple, incapacitate, or otherwise damage uke? I obviously don't mean your training partner, but really what would your ideal application of these techniques be in a more real situation. Do you practice with the thought of pretecting your family from another person's violence?
Hi Jeff,

you posed some interesting thoughts and caused me to reflect on the "why am I doing this, what am I practising etc" questions.

I have to say my level of violence begins and ends with what is thrown at me. I can honestly say I am not afraid to take it to the extreme (afraid of the consequences yes), but only hope I don't have to. The ability to incapacitate is better than the extreme.

I am afraid I may loose control where I take it to the extreme without that intention, also because that (no control) is where I am just as vulnerable as the attacker and may cause unnecessary harm to them or myself. I belive that is the key word, what is neccessary. I do tell students to give the attacker some room to dis-engage their attack before you cause any serious harm. I would hate to seriously hurt someone who has inadvertantly mixed some prescribed drugs, or some other form of "temporary rage". There are many variables, and they are hard to pin point in the heat of conflict.

I would protect family just as much as anyone else (most likely more-so, but that would take more self control than I think I could imagine).

Some good thoughts I've read so far.



"Excess leads to the path of Wisdom"
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