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Are your techniques to cripple, incapacitate, or otherwise damage uke?
At first yes, but after some time I learned that without uke I can't practice, so that we must take care of our uke also. Same thing on the street, the people who mug us might not have the intention to do so, but because of no other way earning money he became a mugger, we just have to make him realize that what what he done is wrong. Now I'm trying to learn how to control without inflicting pain on my uke. I'm also more into projection rather than pins or locks now.
Where is your line for violence?
This is very relative among people, some people said when the uke is already crippled then it's called violent. Some other people think that when your uke is tapping it's already called violent. To me, my line of violence is when the uke tap, because when uke tap it means that the pain is already unbearable, and it's our duty to loose it. Don't let uke tap for two times.

I strongly against people that tighten their pins/locks although the uke already tapping, this is what I called violent.

In real life situation, I think violence is when you feel arrogant or better or deserving more than others. Small example is when you don't give your lane for others during traffic jam,most people doing this because they think they already queue that people don't deserve to take their lane, causing more severe traffic jam. I think this was called in aikido "when your ego strikes you back".

That's what I'm thinking. Thanks a lot for a wonderful topic.
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