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Charles Hill wrote:
In the list of what not to do, what is a "beat" technique?

What Alex meant by that was the rhythm of techniques. Every technique has a rhythm which we talk about in terms of "beats". In a randori you can't afford for your techniques to take to long so you want techniques that are complete in one "beat" for the most part. On other words, techniques involving big turns, direction changes, etc. take two or even three beats. That is generally too slow for use in randori. On the other hand, in the omote version of tenchi nage, the attacker is thrown virtually when he touches you so it is very useful for randori practice.

I use the term "beats" because it is like music. You have whole notes, half notes, quarter notes, etc. The different types of notes indicate the speed at which something is happening. But the word "beat" shows when something is happening relative to the other things which are also happening. It's just a concept to help people understand issues of "timing".

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