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Actually the author is right!

I've read through many of the responses and several who claim the author is wrong, but they dont take his idea when showing that he's wrong. What's in bold reflected upon his initial statement...

"The learner should be expected to build at the same pace as an experienced developer."

Within the software engineering this means cramming the 5 tests with errors into a short time period so that they are forced to learn it quicker... Within aikido the pace of an "experienced developer" (a shodan) is often slow. That is the so-called fast pace that a learner should be expected to learn at.

To get the quality in aikido later, use that same speed as those experienced in the art. In aikido, this is typically slower. So "if you get speed now you can get quality later". When you look at experienced aikidoka, they typically move slower in training... so slowness is the speed which will obtain quality later.

Perhaps I'm playing with the words a bit, but to me, I'm just stating what they mean.

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