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Hi Daniel;

First of all for sanities sake - control those caps - sounds like you are shouting. Gene has got a good dojo - some good strong characters in there. I would not do less of that just to do Judo. Both Judo and Aikido from what I understand are better suited for police work than the punch/kick arts from a tactical point of view.

Some of the Tokyo Riot (apparently the majority do not) do a year long Aikido course at Yoshinkan Honbu. I do not know what is taught at their training academy. I do know that Tetsuro Nariyama, Shodokan Honbu Shihan and my teacher, instructs at the Osaka Police Academy. I have no idea how different that stuff is to what we learn.

Finally Chris - Judo gives more of an opprotunity to mix things up than your Aikido. This is probably an important area to work on as a police officer. In Japan most do Judo.

Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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