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I have explained twice that I would like to discuss similar experiences, in any aspect of it. If that has not come through, I guess this third time will make no difference...

I like when people make me think.

I do not say I want training to be "closer to the edge". I find Rachels experiences interesting. This phrasing was hers describing her experiences, not mine although there are similarities.

I am not in pain... and I am taking responsibility for my life. That is why I leave places and go somewhere else. OK?

You make a moral statement:
If you don't like Aikido fine do something else.

If you like Aikido and don't like your environment do something about it.
which I must interpret as: it is not OK to choose dojos partly on social aspects, not even if you think they really suck in it. Only the practise matters, on all occasions.

It is an interesting statement. It is true for some people. Taken to the extreme, they even practise for a clearly abusive teacher if they think he is the best. To me, both things are important - practise and wellbeing. Life is full of compromises...

You do not have to empathize with me. However, I can not see why you bother telling me. It would be interesting to hear you elaborate on why you bother to post. Does my post disturb you so much? If so, why? Does it hit a nerv? Do you practise in a "close to the edge" environment, like it and feel accused by my post? In what lies the accusation? There must be a reason.

Rachel, you and others have given valuable input. I can kind of understand that people believe I want advice, as that is a quite common reason to start threads in this anonymous forum. Thank you for trying to help in keeping the thread on topic.
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