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Erik wrote:
So are we discounting him because we've carefully evaluated the idea or because it challenges basic conceptions and historical norms about what we do?]
Carefully evaluated the idea...based on personal experience and the experience of other people.

The example of programing was given and it's valid but there are many other activities where speed is only valid AFTER the technique has been learned well enough that you dont have to think about what you are doing.
Very very bad to bull your way through anything like least if you want to be good at it.
You might with your speed succeed in throwing uke and no one noticing that you're doing so sloppily but at some point, when you finaly decide that you need to work the kinks out of that technique, you're going to slow down...unconciously but you WILL slow you can think, and when you finaly work out all the kinks and have decided to speed back up you'll have to re-learn how to do the full speed technique all over again since what you'll be doing now is different from what you did.

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