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Mr. Anon.,

Why do you train?

I'd take a serious look at why you bother to train in the first place. If you have a choice of dojo's and they vary to widely... your reason for training should dictate for you where to go and why.

And only you can answer these questions.

I have ONE dojo in which to train. I'm happy with my instructor and I learn a great deal so I lucked out. If I was no satisfied with things, I would do without. I wouldn't even train in another art as I find Aikido to be just what I'm looking for.

As for training the "Top Students", I'm really curious what you mean by this. Top as in you have no doubt they can go kick some ass? or are they technically flawless and look and move just like O'Sensei? Again... this is something you define for yourself.

To me, Top Students have not only skill but mental awareness and clarity. They have respect for themselves, others and their enviorment and work to bring the Aiki within themselves out onto their surroundings... in more than just a "martial" way.

Have I bored you yet? I dunno. A lot of it you have to answer for yourself, but I still say you need to figure out why you train and take it from there.

Good luck and don't stop training!

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