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Unhappy Speed too often means flash over substance

Not only is the speed approach problematic for Aikido, but it also seems to produce poor software that never really gets properly made, no matter how many patches you slap onto version six, seven, eight point five, etc. I can only pray that more software engineers begin to take a budo approach, rather than a slapdash approach to coding. I have grown increasingly frustrated by error ridden hardware, software, operating systems, manuals and applications. If my Aikido was as sloppy as some of the computer applications I have had to deal with, I would quickly run out of willing partners to train with. I suspect that our software companies could find themselves in a similar predicament if they were ever confronted by companies that emphasize quality over speed to market. In that way, it is not unlike the difference between a serious practitioner who may take longer to learn solid technique, and the McDojo stylist whose theatrical stunts, fancy costumes, and tournament specific techniques are ill prepared to be used effectively in a real world context.

Krzysztof M. Mathews
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