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Hi Guys,

First I want to say thanks for the encouragement, not sure I would've gone without it. But I did, and you were all right, it was totally fine. Nobody laughed at me or heckled me off the mat or anything! Everyone was very gracious and welcoming. Not that I didn't feel foolish and awkward and confused the whole time, <g>. I was also dismayed to discover exactly how graceless (I'm a girl) I can be, just picture a fish flopping around on the floor, LOL.

I was surprised by how ingrained my 'sense of humor to the rescue' defense mechanism is .... I kept catching myself thinking things like 'I've gotta tell mom and dad to buy stock in Tiger Balm', 'I've never been groped by this many guys in one night before', and midway through the class I discovered that my most fervent wish in life is to learn how to fall. I guess it served to keep me going, but hopefully my focus will improve.

Seriously though, I did better than I expected to, and am looking forward to Mondays class. (hopefully I'll be able to walk by then again!)

Thanks again guys, I really appreciate it,

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