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Richard Harnack
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Speed in Training

Speed training in any physical activity is important. However, the type of speed discussed in the original article was of the type which says, "Let's get it done fast, we can fix it later".

In Aikido, and quite possibly even in computer programming, we first need to learn how to move properly and correctly then develop speed.

Even granting the author his premise, I have learned that attempting to do it right the first time through usually saves a lot of needless debugging.

Training movement slowly is appropriate when first learning the technique. At some point you have practiced the movement enough at one speed, and need to pick up the pace of training. Despite many people believing it, Aikido is not Tai Chi, neither does Aikido have much in common with Tai Chi. Tai Chi when performed at full speed is usually described as "combat Tai Chi", better known as the underlying art of Kung Fu.

Aikido is as graceful as ballet, but this does not mean that Aikido is ballet.

It is important in teaching that when we draw comparison between Aikido and other activities, that we remind our students and ourselves that we are doing so to call attention to a particular element of Aikido, and, that we are not saying Aikido is the same as the other art.

Proper training includes patience in learning and practicing a move, it also involves developing speed and facility with the movement, and, ultimately "understanding" the move.

I am sorry, but speed for speed's sake can only lead to disaster without having proper movement underlying the speed.

Yours In Aiki,
Richard Harnack
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