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Reread my original posting and didn't like how I wrote it. Let's add some things.

Messing up is critical feedback for the learning process. I believe the author's contention is that by speeding up the screw up process, you speed up the feedback process which speeds up the learning process. I assume you've all endured the sensei who could allow no wrong? To put it bluntly, I think they are sensei's of the worst kind. Screw up more to learn more. Although, ideally there are some mistakes you don't have to repeat or why have a teacher.

Secondly (one wasn't enough), there is something to be said for immersion. I've spent a lot of time listening to "consistent and regular practice is the key." If so, why is it that I know people who completely contradict this concept? The people who have learned quickly and became exceptional are almost always people who immerse themselves. Think O'Sensei's uchi deshi for a more general example. If there's no validity to this, why have the programs?

Lastly, has anyone ever really studied the idea of speed then quality? Or, do we just assume it? I guess the more general point here (because I believe in certain fundamentals as well) is that the author presented something completely counter to normal thinking. He's a smart guy, very smart. I'm willing to consider the possibility that he's right or that there is something to take from what he's saying. So are we discounting him because we've carefully evaluated the idea or because it challenges basic conceptions and historical norms about what we do?

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