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Is it appropriate for me to train?

This may classify as the most ridiculous question ever asked here, but hopefully I'll get enough opinions to figure out what to do.

I would like to start Aikido training tomorrow. I've been to my local dojo and was warmly welcomed by Sensei and a senior member of the club. But I am about 80lbs overweight and 1) don't know if the other students will be offended by my lack of physical conditioning, and 2) I'm not sure I can fall and get up the seemingly 100's of times I'm gonna have to to keep up with the class.

I started investigating Aikido as a way to get fit that would keep me motivated and interested, but now that I have seen a class I'm worried about going and being the numbskull that can't keep up. Sensei reassured me and said that it is natural to train at my own pace, but I guess I'm still worried that I may not be as gracefully welcomed by the other students.

Any thoughts, comments?
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