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I think it's also important to remember that training in and developing speed and accuracy skills in computer programming is more a matter of cost and efficiency than developing speed and accuracy in aikido and other martial arts. In aikido, it doesn't matter how fast you can execute a technique if you can't make it work! This could be somewhat important if faced with a life and death situation (at least to me!). Since aikido techniques require such precision, I would rather place more emphasis on precision than on speed initially. Once you can precisely execute techniques at manageable speeds, the ability to do them faster will come naturally. For example, this is precisely one of the methods of training in taijiquan, and I have seen that it works.

Additionally, has anyone ever seen Kissaburo Osawa Sensei in person or on film? He was known for his style of a slower, graceful technique, yet he was very effective. Aikido techiniques don't necessarily have to be executed with great speed to be effective. IMHO

Robert Cronin
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