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Smile every throw a hip hop throw? hehe

my teacher does kotegaeshi in such a way that it is a hip throw. it is a wonderful thing to see.

i dont know how to describe it in under 10,000 words (im still trying to figure it out myself ). so i'll just say that he turns his hips to a certain angle, you dont really get a choice about breakfalls . there isnt any sort of pain in the wrist but you find yourself upside down in the air. i think the part that makes it happen, the way he does it, is how he turns his hips.

he does something similar with shihonage. it's scary cuz the way he winds it up, you think you're going to leave your arm behind while you go do this ukemi. i say to myself "ok, arm, i'll come back for you!" but then it doesnt hurt at all, he just gets uke's weight moving and uses his hips.

you can also do a full on koshinage with kotegaeshi. as uke's palm faces down, step in and put your hip just past uke's hip. uke goes over a la koshi if you catch it right.

for kaiten nage, you can get your hip in there...if you're doing the ura version, load uke onto your hip as you do that big turn right before the "throwing" part (i.e. the part where uke rolls or falls). i never thought of that before, cool idea you have there about the kaiten nage (kaitenage sp?).

have fun,,,,,,
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