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Kevin Masters wrote:
by the way, what are those stretches called where you sort of squat with one leg bent and the other leg is straight? And what exactly are you stretching? Your hips, your hamstring?

Yknow I'm really not sure!

I stopped doing them because I can't go down that low since my injury. Lemme see....with the hips turned out, I'd say the adductors (inner thighs) are getting a nice stretch and maybe the medial hamstrings?

I am one of those who, post-injury, got the injunction to keep the foot above the knee. I agree with those who say it is related to overall body mechanics, esp foot turning (either in OR out) AND esp with women the tendency due to wider hips for the knees to turn inward during squats. So, yes, if your body mechanics are always perfect and you have no prior injury, squat away :-)

BTW, I sent a copy of my results to ATM but never heard back from them. Is there actually an issue where they mentioned it? Which one? (I'm happy to hear it; I specifically label the study with the message that as long as I'm credited its ok to reprint all or part of it).

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