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Ms Gordon,

I pass judgement on no man or woman. Either I choose to associate with you or I do not. Nothing anyone does can change my mind. I am old. I have earned the right to be descriminating in my choices. I also reserve the right to change my mind. Until you have trained in Aikido for over thirty years you are not qualified to judge me or make comments cloaked in cute qualifications, that is why I have not looked at this thread for several months and why I will never return to it again. I must say, however, that I found the comments by Mr Oakes to be insightful and intelligent. Please listen to Hooker Sensei and let this thread die a decent death.

Ms Gordon, I look forward to inviting you teach at my dojo. You are what? A godan?, A rokudan? Please let me know so I can set something up.

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