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Re: simple, but complicated

Mike Lee (mike lee) wrote:
I've long considered making my first dojo in the US a "men's club," primarily because it would eliminate a lot of issues that crop up between men, women and teachers during the course of training.
That's a management problem. The fault of problems in the dojo lies with the dojo-cho. Not the students.

What concerns me deeply is Dan's defenders reacting on an ad hominem basis.

That is, they are taking rational questions as personal attacks.

That's a bad sign.

That means there isn't really a rational defense.

Not that there needs to be, but while I am willing to accept an aberration, I will call it an aberration.

I have learned that Don Angier actually WOULD accept women into his dojo if one demonstrated the committment and wherewithal to do so. In his case, that's HIS art. It doesn't belong to anyone else, it's private.

In the case of one or two of the old arts, you must practice a certain religion in addition to your training. It's part of the deal: If you want one, you must have the other.

Aikido, a "public" art, is more difficult to defensibly segregate. I mean, it's only aikido, it's not Navy Seal training.

It's difficult to commit deeply to a budo unless you have someone behind you to wash your gi, make sure your bills are paid and that you eat something besides bacon cheeseburgers and beer.

Women are socialized to take that part in most modern societies. The "caretaker" role is more involving for the supporting mate (whatever gender) than the other tends to understand. So women (the usual support side) tend to never get the chance to really commit to budo and grow.

Not unless the entire dojo pitches in.

I have to tell you that my poor ex washed my gi and learned to keep house while I was in my Crazed Budo Junkie phase. That disconnect and other things ruined the relationship.

Private clubs can make their own rules, but if you make something weird public, expect it to be called wierd.

I'm not going to pass judgement on Mr Linden until I meet him and train with him.

I hope he can do the same for me.


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