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Matt Banks
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I would say from a family of people in the forces. And I used to do GJJ that Aikido is far more suited to a battlefield. As Im sure you know GJJ and BJJ mainly deals with 1v1 which rarely happens in attack situations its usually 1v 2+. I would not like to me in a mount or guard position on a battlefield. I d rather be on my feet. And there is hardly any talk of defende against weapons in GJJ wearas there is lots in AIkido. In the yoshinkan as Im sure with any other style we deal with alsorts of dynamic multiple attacks physcological speaking body language etc for real life situations unlike GJJ.
It's the fake environment of the UFC which has caused organisations to adopt GJJ. Another thing ive noticed is how some styles of Aikido make this big distinction between Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu and Aikido. In the Yoshinkan it depends oon the format of the training. Aikido is just a name osensei gave the art towards the end of his life. We encompose everything from Daito Ryu into the yoshinkan including improving our spirit which I feel is left out in some Aikido which leads to the art being refered to a dance rather than an effective martial art. Insidently I know of many Yoshinkan instructors of Yoshinkan who have been awarded high dan grades in Aikijujutsu just through their study of ''Yoshinkan Aikido''. The only difference is in the name. Some schools of Daito Ryu are really flowwy. Osensei encompossed his spiritualaity with many many many other things to evolve Daito Ryu into Aikido. I like that because Aikido has a ''do'' on the end that outsiders think that Aikido has taken the same steps from Jujutsu to judo kenjutsu to kendo etc etc. It hasnt Aikidoo isnt a sport osensei never approved of tomiki aikido and he was thrown out. Daito to Aikido was an evolution not a sport induced dilution. Although im not saying sport martial arts dont have their place.

Matt Banks

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