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Why not Krav Maga? I don't know, originally what had happened was that one of the combatives instructors for the Rangers was big into Russian Sambo, and Jujutsu, hence the Gracie connection. He managed to convince the battalion commander of the 2/75 rangers to make it battalion policy which in turn when he became Regimental Commander it became Regimental policy, slowly but surely it is becoming Army Policy. The army is also a little hesitant to teach really deadly skills to the majority of its soldiers, for the fear of "bar room brawlers" and civilian reprecussions. Gracie JJ also helps teach aggresiveness and teaches a lot of soldiers who have spent years on the sega and playstation what it is to be in a violent confrontation. And can show everyone else who is going to give up and who will fight. Personnally I think Gracie JJ is as worthless on the battle field as Aikido, wrong art for the circumstances. I hope this clarifies things a little, also the army has a lot of TM's that aren't current as the technology and army changes pace quite quickly

of course that's my opinion I could be wrong

Dan Hover
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