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Aleksey Sundeyev (shihonage) wrote:
It should be practiced the way Founder did it when he was YOUNG.
Ah, the assertion of youthful absolutisms.

The irony is that aikido came from someone modifying another style.

I think that the 'both' answer is a good one, but I wonder if it is possible. We all have different bodies and different ways in which our personalities/interpretations of 'what is' are manifest in them. I believe that these differences will ensure a great variety of 'different' forms of aikido. To me, aikido is not perfected in this style or that, but perfected within an individual, for that person.

Sure an experienced guide is crucial for such a task, but that guide must also recognise the differences and limitations of a student as well. If I had a musclebound teacheer of 6'4", I would hope that that teacher would recognize that I cannot perform a kishinage the same way that he/she does.

How -=should=- aikido be taught? With an open mind.

"To educate a man in mind, and not in morals, is to educate a menace to society." ~Theodore Roosevelt
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