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Wakasensei wrote:
the army hasn't really used that TM for quite a while, we are moving to Gracie Jujutsu not becasue it is a better MA per se, but think of what is required on the battlefield for a combat soldier, Aikido is the wrong MA, for the task at hand, Personnally I think so is Gracie JJ. But, I have spoken at great length with the people who have made this policy and they made it for the following reasons, first they broke Gracie JJ down to 13 core moves...
Good to know, but I didn't mean to imply that the Army TM actually taught Aikido. I simply meant that you could find some of the same techniques there, with somewhat different emphasis.

I wonder how much of the policy move to Gracie JJ had to do with humongous amounts of recent publicity in the wake of UFC?

The reasons you've given for the policy change, as you imply, seem a little weak. The existing TM seems to do pretty well. Can't really say without seeing what they replace it with (doubt I'll be able to see it until they're ready to replace it with another again).

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