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I dont have too much to say on the whole wearing Gi to the dojo hting, I dont think it is much of an issue. Unless you really feel the need to judge someone over somethining like this for your own sake.
but, I studied japanese for a little while, and my tutor told us many times that if non japanese follow japanese customs very closely, or understand them very well then they are considered strange. I cant remember the name that they use for people who do understand but it is something along the lines of 'strange foreigner'.
So it is a little difficult to insult the japanese by not stricly following their customs, as we are not expected too. and I guess this is what it is all about, etiquette. So wearing your Gi to class, even if not considered to be very good etiquette is not really going to cause anyone harm or major upset, so again it comes down to personal preference and personal disciplin.

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