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John Kuo (jk) wrote:
If you get to wear a hakama, I think we should take a cue from those folks in the Japanese sword arts. They don't wear dogi pants under their hakama; just a pair of speedos or something like that under there... fact, getting rid of the dogi pants might not be a bad idea, hakama or no hakama. Just uwagi and speedos...I like it.
Shorts under a hakama are a no-brainer unless the evil spectre of knee walking looms. In that scenario the more the merrier between one's knees and the mats. Of course some folks have definite ideas about what should be worn under one's hakama and it's not unrare to get some grief from the unenlightened.

I seem to recall one relatively well-known instructor (not aikido) who routinely put his jockey underwear on display while leading a seminar. He wore colorful garb as well and near as I could tell the world has not swallowed him up.
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