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John Riggs wrote:
She did not say much other than showing it to me. It appears as the best way to learn is to lead the body as far as your arms are able to reach-i.e., the slap hand is extended as far as one can.
Yup. Basically, it should feel like you're "reaching" with the hand up and over, palm down, while the foot stays in contact with the ground almost until the hand touches the ground (if you're that flexible.
I think the arm has to act as a static shock absorber and then collapses slightly to let the body down easy.
I'm not too sure if I collapse my arm, although your description of the arm being like a shock absorber works. For me, it really is a feeling of reaching (like an amoeba's pseudopod) for the ground and lowering myself down -- kind of like using the reaching arm in the same function the foot that tucks under for a back fall serves.

There are some nice exercises working from the ground up that seem to work well into the soft forward breakfalls. Just another reason for us to get onto the same mat one of these days, huh?

-- Jun

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