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Carl Simard
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My view on this is very similar to the one of Craig. So I refer to his post for my general opinion on that point...

As for seminar, as a rule, I check what is the rule of the home dojo/association about hakama and simply follow it. If the seminar is hold at a dojo where only shodan and above wear hakama, I leave mine at home. I think it's only a matter of respect toward the dojo receiving you...

It may be more difficult to identify advanced students from beginners, but after one or two throws you ususally have a fairly good idea of the rank of the guy who is in front of you.

Anyway, in seminar, you usually don't have much time to choose your partner and end up with the nearest person. So, it don't really matters to know exactly the rank since it don't really influence to who you will be matched. At least, it's my experience...
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