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Robert Cowham
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I had an interesting experience once - was on my bike (pushbike) coming up to a junction and this skinny chap on a scooter drew up. Then a rather large guy on a motorbike (typical courier) drew up and started swearing at the scooter guy, talking about how he had cut him up, couldn't ride for peanuts, etc. Then motorbike guy gets off and steps over a couple of yards and tells scooter guy to get off - which he does (bad idea!), at which point swearing is punctuated by pushes to chest. Motor bike guy seemed to be working up to something (road rage I suppose).

Without really thinking, I found myself just pushing my bike between the two of them and standing there. I nodded politely to motorbike buy at how stupid scooter guy was, and after a bit more talking and swearing (no more pushing), everyone got on their bikes and rode off (I told scooter guy to go a different direction!).

What would have happened if he had pushed me - don't know, but I think verbal calming would have been effective too.

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