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Kaitlin Costello (KaitlinCostello) wrote:
A longer hakama certainly does present a certain threat. The rule of thumb that I have been taught (granted I've been making, tailoring and dealing with Hakama's for a few years now) is that you should at the very least be able to kneel in a semi low position ( i.e. as you duck under your partners arm for certain techniques and ect,)...

For me I stick to tradition.
If you stick to tradition, surely your hakama will touch the floor? (as it should in iaido). Although I also got my hakama altered to ankle level, I don't think they look suitable if you can see your gi bottoms through them (probably the equivalent of a g-string appearing above your hip hugging jeans).

I also agree about centredness and hip stability (also adds weight to lower part of your body and therfore lowers centre of gravity). However, I think we should try to develop this without the use of a hakama. There's the old joke of kung-fu experts having to remove their shoes before they defend themselves - maybe for us we need to put on our hakama?

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