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Another little update:

I am home again.

Fighting through a combination of Altitude Sickness and what is some sort of a throat infection. Ah the joys of returning to my smoggy crowded and weird smelling home town. The aforementioned : I live right next to the Purina dog food factory. Every morning there is the oh so delicious aroma of kibble and god only knows what else.

I finally saw another doctor today, partially to figure out what this throat thing is, and also to take another peek into the mysterious pain that we've been poking a stick with for the last six months.

The bad news: I was severely manipulated in Grand Junction. I have never seen so much political Health care bullshit piled up and thrown around. At least here in Denver I can go to the emergency room and not bleed to death in front of the building. Yeah, thanks to the cuts Cigna cut off extended care for the family package which my family and countless others rely upon. Here I have a fighting chance.

The good news: My doctor is setting me up to see a rhumatologist and start a new round of testing. When I was previously tested I was only given half the test that are needed to determined an inkling of what is going on and charged outrageously for those.

I'm being put onto vitamin supplements and might begin physical therapy for my knee soon.

I'm also trying an anti-inflammatory called Naprosyn to see if that will help my joints anyway.

Things are starting to turn around, and maybe... just maybe I will finally have some answers.

(I'd say more but the rat is running all over the place right now)

~~No smile is as beautiful as the one that struggles through tears.~~
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