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Here is how it works in our school, you sign up, you change, you train, you change, you go on with your business. This is not a club, there is no social interaction inside the dojo, no chatting or laughing in the mat (plenty of smiles, thought), no condescending attitude towards anyone, no discrimination or bias, no concessions or special considerations, no complaints, no excuses. Everyone gets a fair shot at practicing the art, the only thing that can prevent anyone from training here is a poor attitude (laziness, pride, lack of respect for anyone or anything) and the unwillingness to change it.

So we donīt have this so called "issues" Before OīSensei watching us from the kamiza, men and women are equal, they all sweat, they all ache, they all grunt and gasp for air, they all have doubts and fears, they take ukemi and get up.

So if anyone is not welcomed at an aikido dojo (a place to celebrate life) for whatever prejudice (of belief, race, gender or age), keep your way and donīt look back, itīs their loss.
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