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Dennis Hooker
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Cindy, I can only say a few words on this and I will not comment on the sexes in a dojo. This subject is far too emotional and has brought the emotions out in many people. I think this thread should have died a long time ago. Linden Sensei is my dearest and oldest friend as well as an ASU colleague. He is also blunt and holds no punches when it comes to stating his opinion. He is also about a subtle as a nine pound hammer and as loyal a friend and defender as a person could want. He is of course entitled to his opinion and beliefs, as are we all. The problem with this damn internet is it does not allow us to know the person in many cases. However I must say that Linden Sensei is in my opinion an Aikido Shihan and were you to know him personally I think you would find his statements reasonable and from the heart. I also think you would not be offended. Since he is my oldest friend and brother in Aikido I must say, and hope you under stand, that if you would not train as his dojo then you should not train at mine.

This is an old thread worthy of only a fast death. I will take no further part in it.

Dennis Hooker

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