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Daniel Pierson (DCP) wrote:
Also, real historians go to the primary sources as often as possible. Continuous interpretations create a "telephone game" effect.
That's right and that is why I said evaluate accordingly. The closer to the source the better, but not always. Sometimes a little distance is a good thing.

As far as primary sources go you are making an assumption and there are others contributing to the board that have more exposure still to people exposed directly to Ueshiba M.. There is also quite a lot of written information by these same students. I know the point you are trying to make and really can't argue with it but I have heard people proclaim with an earnestness that's scary things like.

Ueshiba was the most religious man in Japan

or the best swordsman

or the best .........

Can't help but interject a little realism.

Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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