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sceptoor wrote:
Personally, I'd have to say that I am different. If I didn't see emergency vehicles at the scene of an obvious wreck, with obviously injured people, I'd have to say I'd get the hell out my car right after I dialed 911, which is why I find his story hard to believe. It's absurd to think a multitude of human beings would just casually ignore that kind of a disaster and not help without first being persuaded by the injured. I'm sorry, I'm not saying it didn't happen that way, but one has to admit that's a pretty tall story.

I am sad to say that it is not a tall story. It is in fact so common, that social scientists have dubbed it the "bystander effect". Many explanations exist, none satisfy everyone. It relates to this post in another way: you can say all you want about aikido, your beliefs and your training, but until you face it, you have no idea what you will do. You can say what you THINK you will do. I, for one, hope you are right.


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