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Liz Evans
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Perhaps my comment was a little flipant - (I forget that 'tongue in cheek' humour doesn't translate well via email.) Still the point being made is that highly accomplished Aikido students come from all walks of life - and your dojo may still choose to refuse to train them.

However it's great that 'light' men are allowed in - so it's just women, older people, and those without Masters that fail the interview.

(Discrimination and predujice makes me feel uncomfortable, especially as I am on the list of undesirables I hope you can appreciate this.)

And finally, most people go to the Dojo to practice Aikido - not to assert their gender. You could argue that you go to do both - but I'm not sure the Dojo is the right place to do this. Still each to their own!

A big thank you to all the Dojo's that welcome all and respect to all the Sensais that teach with great tolerance and generosity.

I wish you well.

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