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sceptoor wrote:
"He said that to get help he went directly up to people and started asking them to do things (call 911, get a blanket, etc). Everyone helped. Had he just sat there everyone would have driven by watching the blood leak out of him. Think about it and tell me you are different?"

Personally, I'd have to say that I am different. If I didn't see emergency vehicles at the scene of an obvious wreck, with obviously injured people, I'd have to say I'd get the hell out my car right after I dialed 911, which is why I find his story hard to believe. It's absurd to think a multitude of human beings would just casually ignore that kind of a disaster and not help without first being persuaded by the injured. I'm sorry, I'm not saying it didn't happen that way, but one has to admit that's a pretty tall story.

Guess that depends on where you live. I sat in Earl K. Long Memorial Hospital in Baton Rouge, LA one night when the cops brought in a girl on a stretcher...the top of her head was ripped off and her brain exposed. No one moved..even the receptionist just sorta sat there and told the cops that the girl would have to wait cause the doctors were busy. The cops finaly busted the door to the ER open and forced a doctor to deal with her. Too late by that time she was dead. Wasn't shock at the situation that kept everyone from moving...most of the people had been there 6 or 7 hours and were bored...They all just sat there watching what was happening as if it were some ordinary thing was in too much pain to move.

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