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Another knee thread

Yes, another one of those threads related to knee injuries in aikido.

Just yesterday I ran into my first such problem - not from a throw, or from shikko, but just from kneeling down. Not particularly hard or fast kneeling, just... well, kneeling down normally. I felt a sort of twinge and sting in my right knee after, and when I next stood up tried to see if something had gone through the legs of my gi (do the pants have a separate name for themselves?). Nothing had, and the sensation passed save for a few occasional fleeting moments. Suwari waza at the end of class passed without a hitch, also.

When I got back from aikido, it was a different story. Each time I touched the front of my knee resulted in a sharp, electric-shock like twinge/pain/sting. It's hard to describe, really, but that's the best I can manage. Today, it's gotten a bit worse, the knee itself feeling inflamed sometimes, and walking normally without those stings being a difficulty. Going by the outward appearance of the knee, though, nothing's wrong with it - no swelling, no cuts, nothing.

It was suggested it could be a pinched nerve - I'm also thinking this, considering when once I skimmed my hand over the front of the knee it seemed to send the sting/shock/twinge/whatever down the entire lower leg.

So, anyone know if it is a nerve problem? If so, will it recover by itself? I have a grading coming up on the 25th... just hoping I'll be well by then.
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