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Hi everyone!

I feel that this post regarding the ego and honest practive is a good one and is worth reading. Most organizational student manuals need to make more mention in the write-up discerning the difference between alturism and egoism.

Unfortunately, the problem, like the article states, is that this beast is within all of us, and that means sensei as well. Being humble is idealistic for human character. In Aikido, we should strive to refine this trait because we Aikidoka need to be concered how we represent ourselves, our art, and the founder.

I once had a sensei who was a bit of a control freak which is a nuance of the ego. A begginer cannot discern the difference from a strict sensei who foloows Japanese tradition to promote safety and respect and those who are over-board with their authority.

In short, I feel this article is ligitimate and has good merit. We need to be evermindful of our ego and our skills!
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